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  • Vineyard Advice Pertaining to Site Selection and Appraisal - Pre-purchase due diligence reporting

  • Vineyard Development Advice - Vine density, materials, irrigation, varieties, clones and rootstocks

  • Optimisation of Vineyard Performance - (Practical and Technical)

    • Quality - understanding the winemaking objective and optimising quality (pruning, canopy management, disease control, cropping levels)

    • Productivity - understanding the commercials and the relationship between yield, quality and financial returns

  • Vineyard Performance Reporting - Detailed reports for key stakeholders (investors, ​directors, banks etc).

  • Pest control and spray programmes

  • Crop Estimation - protocols to estimate crop size and crop management advice tailored to production objectives

  • Vineyard Financials

    • Budgeting -

      • preparation / critique of operational expenditure

      • preparation of vineyard development budgets

    • Benchmarking

  • Vineyard and Broader Industry Dispute Resolution

    • Expert witness​ in legal matters pertaining to the wine industry and vineyard operations

    • Vineyard Mediation Services - take advantage of Tony's experience and understanding of wine industry matters - his approach to mediation and dispute resolution is a fast, cost effective alternative to professional mediators unfamiliar with wine industry issues and disputes

  • Vineyard Sustainability

  • Commercial advice pertaining to grape supply contracts and the sale and purchase of grapes

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